UwillTeach.com is an online program developed with two audiences clearly in mind. The first is to prepare pre-service educators to teach special needs children. The second is for current teachers seeking a professional development tool that can help them work effectively with students with mild and moderate disabilities in their classroom.

UwillTeach.com courses are based on the standards defined by the Council for Exceptional Children and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. These courses were created using the instructional design developed by the Online Academy Project at the University of Kansas, a leader in the field of special education. This design has been extensively tested by teacher education programs and reviewed nationally by experts. The result is a content-rich, standards-based program offered through a flexible user-friendly format.

UwillTeach.com brings college level special education courses and ongoing professional development within reach, providing both prospective and current teachers sound, proven and practical instruction.

For more information, call (888)520-9616 or email support@uwillteach.com.


UwillTeach.com Courses
1.Foundations in Special Education
2.Development and Characteristics of Learners with Exceptional Learning Needs
3.Assessment for Instructional Planning and Decision Making
4.Instructional Strategies: Creating Environments that Promote, Learning, Appropriate Social Interactions, and Behavior
5.Instructional Strategies: Teaching for Results
6.Instructional Strategies: Improving Basic Reading Skills
7.Instructional Strategies: Improving Reading Comprehension
8.Language and Communication in Diverse Learners
9.Collaboration and Instructional Planning in the IEP Process
10.Professional and Ethical Practices

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